Friday, February 1, 2013

Finally an update!

This isn't going to be much of a post as it is still cold, wet and snowy.  Which means that I still cannot get back to the metal work on the car.  Instead I pulled out the old doors and pulled everything off of them that I could even possibly consider reusing.  I ended up being a little disappointed as a lot of stuff was missing.  You'll see how much in the pics.  At this point I might just replace everything for the doors since there was so little hardware there to begin with.  I used Alex's guide to taking the doors apart, it helped me find a couple of those fiddly little things.
Driver's side door latch, and various rods and the handles.

The window out of the driver's side.

Looking inside the passenger side door, you can see the bottom of the chrome for the window with broken glass inside of it.

Better shot of the remainder of the passenger window.

I had the vent window on the passenger side, but no vent window on the driver's side.  Of course I also have the driver's window, but no passenger window.  I guess it makes things even.

Vent window removed.

Passenger window hardware, didn't have a driver's side.

Empty window chrome.  At least I still have it.

Another piece of the window hardware.
On another note, I was on ebay (I search through those listing several times a week) when I ran across this fold down seat.  Now I didn't have one with the car and so I have always been a little worried about where I would find one, and I really didn't want to have to pay the repop prices.  Well, needless to say I won the auction for this 65 seat and now here it is sitting on my living room floor.  It cost me a fraction of the price for the repop, and after I refurbish it, it will still have cost me less.  What's that you say?  It's a 65?  Don't you have a 67?  Well the good news is, that I can modify the fold down seat to fit into my 67 pretty easily as all the rear seats from 65-70 are all the same dimensions.  Pretty cool, huh?  Maybe I'll work on this while the weather still sucks for me.  There is a great site about these seats, you can find it here
Top of seat.  Covers will be replaced.

Bottom of seat, that padding is looking pretty worn.  I think replacement is in order.

Seat back.

Other side of seat back.

Back part of the fold down portion.

From the back side.

Top part of fold down.

Other side.

All the pieces.

In the seated position.

In the fold down position, just imagine that the bottom part is under the  sections.