Thursday, September 27, 2012

Torque box part 1

This week I managed to get the bottom half of the torque box installed after much test fitting the week before.  Not much really to tell about it, it was a pretty straight forward install after the problems were taken care of from earlier.  The pictures will tell the rest of the story.  I won't be installing the inner portion of the box until I have replaced the complete rocker on this side.  I decided I wanted to have some extra working room, but the help of the box to make sure I get the rocker properly aligned.
Tacking the box to the frame rail.

These are high clamping force clecos.  They are great for getting things flush and tight.  I may have to purchase a few more.

Completely bead welded to the frame rail and flux cleaned off.  I think my welds are starting to look better.

Box welded to floor support.

Welds cleaned up, some of the e-coat stripped back, and black Zero-Rust painted on.  I didn't paint the whole box because the e-coat was still good, and I may mess it up some more while working around the area.

Bottom of box, welds cleaned up and painted with Zero-Rust.  I really like how well the Zero-Rust sprays on right out of the aerosol can.  The coverage is good and it is easy to get it into all the nooks and crannies.  I think I will be picking up more of  this stuff.  Hopefully it lives up to it's rust protection promise as it is cheaper than stuff like POR-15.  Not to mention I have seen people who have not had much success with the POR-15.  You can check out this person's experience with it here.  POR-15 The Truth

On the left you can see the cheaper passenger side battery apron.  Next to it is the Dynacorn version.  The Dynacorn is a much better stamping and it is a half inch longer at the bottom.  When I test fit the one on the left it was lacking in that area.  The Dynacorn was practically a perfect fit.  Well worth the extra cost.  Wish I had known this before I purchased the other one.  I will definitely be writing a review on CJP for the parts.  Hopefully someone else won't have to buy it twice like I did.  At least I now have a piece that I can cut up into patch pieces, right?  I don't know when I will actually install this piece as I need to pull the shock tower back into alignment.  When doing the fitting of these pieces I discovered the shock tower needs to come forward about 3/4 of an inch and to the left 1/4 of an inch.  I'll have to look into how to get it back into place.  I might have to cut it free of everything and massage it back into place with my BFH.  Ugh.

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