Monday, September 8, 2014


This post is unfortunately not about the mustang.  In fact I have been so busy with work, and other things that have been going on, that I haven't touched it in a few weeks.  One of the worst things is that the transmission on my daily driver decided it was going to chew fourth gear into teeny tiny little bits.  This meant pulling the transmission from the parts car I have sitting around and swapping it into the driver.

This turned into almost a two week affair as I had to do it when I had time (working 70 hours a week at this point didn't help).  Since I couldn't pull the engine of my car without releasing all the freon illegally, I had to do it the longer and more aggravating way.  This involved the usual drive train removal, hoses, and various accessories in the way.  The real difficult part was that I found out that in order to drop the trans out of these 2000 Hyundais, you have to drop the sub-frame out of the way.  Now I had to unhook several suspension components and the power steering rack as well.  All to get about one more inch of needed clearance.  Putting it all back together didn't take nearly as long as the disassembly did.  I also had to track down a broken wire in the console that was causing the OD gear to intermittently not shift.  The good news is that the car runs great once again, and I managed to save some money doing it myself.  The bad news is that I got a little burned out on car projects for the moment.  Hopefully I can get back to the mustang soon.  I was planning on taking more pics than I did, but I was getting so covered in grease and not wanting to stop in the middle, that I only managed to take one.

This is the replacement transmission.  The engine from the parts car is seized.  I had swapped the engine about 2 years ago with help from a mechanic friend and his garage.  We had just swapped the whole thing to save time since the engine and trans were in working order.  This was the easy part since it was completely drained of fluids/gases and was just hanging in the car with only two of the mounts attached.