Sunday, May 18, 2014

Passenger torque box is in!

I should have had this finished a lot sooner than I did.  Unfortunately things like the weather, the yard, and life have made this process take longer.  Anyway, I fit the rail extension and the torque box.  I also had to repair a bit of rust that had appeared where the original toe board was welded to the cowl side panel.  That was a pretty quick fix as it was just a small piece to weld in.  After that was taken care of it was just a matter of doing the final fitting.

Once I was satisfied with the fit, it was time to drill out all the holes for the rosette welds and get it all in place.  I started with the rail extension and then the bottom half of the torque box.  If anyone is replacing these, the two piece box makes everything much easier to adjust and weld in.  Once the bottom was tacked into place, I refit the top of the box.  I did have to make a couple of small adjustments to the box to get everything to fit properly, but nothing to extreme.  Overall the fit was pretty good.  That was welded in without any issues and I started in on the toe board.  That will probably be the main topic of my next post.  Stay tuned.

Had some cancer in this area.  Wasn't very difficult to cut out and replace.

All finished.

Got everything tight with my clamps and clecos.  It's all ready for welding.

Welded in and ground flush.

Inner side.

Welded the floor extension to the cross member and ground it down.

Got some paint on everything.

That grey strip is weld through primer since I am going to be welding the torque box to the frame rail all along that area.

Getting it fit and ready for welding.

Everything is set in place, final welding and grinding has begun.

Top of box fit, holes drilled and clecoed in place.  I am using two different types of clecos due to the access.  The high force clamping wing nut clecos and the spring loaded ones on the side.

All welded in, just needs to be ground down.